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  • Listening to: Megalovania extended
  • Reading: maps
  • Watching: KSP Videos
  • Playing: no time to play games ;_;
  • Eating: Comida Sana (!)
  • Drinking: water (blech)
Pending things to do:

:iconvallygirlly: , as usual XD A drawing of Finn and Breihzlander, will be done very soon
:iconskogga: , with like a YEAR of delay, finally told me what he wants for my part of a trade by some ponies that arrived in 2015. the darwing surely will be done this weekend
:iconfoxysnowleo: bought a drawing of by points. Thank you! :hug:
:iconsammydeerzie: gave me a month of premium membership so i will do at least a simple happy darwing for him x3 thank you! :hug:
:iconkairoshi: Possible trade by some pony. If can cross the custom blockage...


Well, looks like i never will recive a new tank.....or plane, because the custom started a new system to can get the boxes when arrives to Argentina. No more direct to my home, even if ironically the new system is called door to door

:iconotakuwolf:`s Sopwith Camel was the last lucky box that arrived to me. :iconkairoshi:`s MAUS TANK ( ;_;!) was trapped in the limbo of the new system. Even worse, a big box sent months ago by :iconloup-de-feu: is there too. I saw cases of people with XBOX 360 or even more expensive things trapped there, so i must consider myself very lucky

Very resumed, is like

box arrives to the custom, the custom sents a telegram to you to warn you, you pay taxes in homebanking system, and you go to the custom to get your box

easy, right?

No, is Argentina. And also, i don`t haD homebanking account, now technically i have, but

the custom in my city is super burocratic extreme, even for a custom, and, as always, delivers just 10 numbers (10, we are 400.000 in my city) BY DAY, and just during 2 h -theorically, is lot less- and of course is just at early morning, when i work. And obvioully my parents can`t go for me, they`re bad in health as you know

as extra, for some reason the homebanking ccount works perfectly for the ATM (that also we have few in my city) , but when i try to pay via internet, says NO, IS WRONG, and is there where i shpould be able to generate an AFIP (or IRS) doccument to get the box <.< stupid complex burocratic system

aka, i never will be able to get a box

so, since now, EVERY TIME THAT I WILL SELL A DRAWING, will be for a little pony toy as… 8 dollars shining armor with royal suits… SPIKE. PRIORITY… 5 dollars Nightmare Moon figure… SCOOTALOO. PRIORITY, to complete the CMC!… Dear Princess Celestia… Alternate Zecora… Nightmare Moon… the great and magnificent Trixie!… Starlight Glimmer

THEORICALLY, in a small letter and without the box should arrive to me without trouble. will see eventually xp

G4 characters birthday day:

13th Giselle Moreyra - Signo Zodiacal Capricornio

19th Diana Anderson and Tonka Roosfelot - Acuario
23th Breihzlander Mongrel - Piscis

4th Aura - Piscis
7th Makena - Piscis
26th Lars Windmill - Aries
27th Daniela - Aries

11th Intisar Janaat - Aries
12th Kurfust Amadeus Klendathu - Aries
27th Warren Dorga - Tauro

2th Valeria Valentina Fox - Tauro
10th Grisha Stark - Tauro

7th Dora Klendathu - Geminis

4th Marcos Martin Fox - Cancer
24th Sudabe can´t remember her last name XD - Leo

4th Karla - Leo
17th Malvina - Leo

1st Cody Eleas - Leo

7th Sophie Mondieu - Libra

4th Amiaz - Escorpio
7th Laura Gomez-Rosso - Escorpio

7th Tina Conejit - Sagitario


:iconflutteryay4plz::iconflutteryay5plz::iconflutteryay6plz: :boogie:

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thanks very much to for the map link!
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Shifty-The-B737 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uh, why is there a map on the journal?
DingoPatagonico Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
shows the places from some people visited me since i placed it there. would be some more if i would do it before
Shifty-The-B737 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why don't ya put it I. Your deviant art ID Widget?
DingoPatagonico Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Shifty-The-B737 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's a widget on your profile
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