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Cats in the snow I HAVE THE DRIVING LICENSE X3 by DingoPatagonico
Just back from the DMV! :boogie::party::boogie:!!! no more begginner one!

btw all the snow is history, is completly melted as if never existed

now i will go to sleep so DESPERATLY
Winter 1943 by DingoPatagonico
Winter 1943
Pzkw 753 and 754, aka captured KV-1 and 2, on the move! a T-34 (captured too) and a Tiger I supports them
Patagonic Spring Day O_o by DingoPatagonico
Patagonic Spring Day O_o
ooo keeyyyy ?

definitly didn`t expected this!!
returning from the DMV, where i must return in 2 h. I was the first one in be there after wait in the cold and wind 2.5 h in the street. But that was before this! O_o
Now my cammo rocks! by DingoPatagonico
Now my cammo rocks!
Incredibly the Jagdtiger had its chance  with the snow this year!!
out fof winter, i lost completly the hope about. But happened :boogie:
See? Is very easy! by DingoPatagonico
See? Is very easy!
Just Dora doing that the girls loves to do... handstands!

"How do you do it so easily??" Breihzlander Expression Practice Scared _Surprised by DingoPatagonico
wanted to draw some quick and happy before make the pays for the modelkits x3
i turned right the drawing, just to test if looked good. and does!

must go to the DMV in 3 h...1 am now
As i knew that would happend, are lot of things to do at work. Will be quite busy, so expect a lot less of activity here... some of the things to do are:

tomorrow: must go to the DMV to obtain one of the 15 places to can renovate my begginner license, thing that must be before november 7th. opens 6am, so i will be there around 4 am, awaking 2 am, so will go to sleep in very few hours more. Of course i will not going to work tomorrow. Today morning was TRYING TO SNOW. rememebr that we are on the way to the summer  here... i hope not end in the street under cold rain tomorrow xp

tomorrow/today: must complete the online census for teachers

nov 7: must go to a teachers meeting, same with SATURDAY 8TH. so good bye weekend . Also, is my mom`s birthday

nov 15: Pure Air International Day. I Took care about lot of time ago Preparing something  for the work...with Ciro by DingoPatagonico

nov 19: Annual Workship Expo

nov 20: we start to close the califications of the last trimester
nov 28: end of the official school year

dec 2? arrives all the students that failed my assignature (18 until now) to beg and suffer to can pass XD

so OF COURSE i will draw so few during all that month, my priority will be the pays for all the modelkits and toys that i recived during october, tomorrow should close the month reciving  a Bergepanzer Tiger I and EL CHUPACABRAS from "planes"


Tagged by :iconlancewing1994:


-Answer the way your character would. ( i choose Giselle  )

That's about it.

OK, my questions aren't very creative, but whatever.


1) Hi there :3
Hi! x3

2) What's your name?
Me? Giselle Moreyra

3) Nice name, what does it mean exactly?
I don`t know if means something, but was the name of my granma x3

4) I'll cut to the chase, any crushes?
*blushes a little* there is a boy.... but is a secret!

5) Tell me who it is. I won't tell them, of course. uwu 
*giggles* no!! Is a secret. Just Dora knows who is x3

6) You must be sorta bored... My questions suck, sorry.
don`t worry partner x3  I am not very talkative neighter! XD

7) You have friends, right? Name them for me.  
Are you kiddin`? I could name like 200 of them XD  Have a lot of them!

8) Don't get the stalker vibe, but where do you live? 
Better for you, because i have a shotgun, you know ;3 
I live in the rural belt of Griffon City, in a small propiety near one lake. Have a simple  but cute house, and some trees. Like a mini farm X3

9) I had to bring the crush thing up again, what if your crush asked you out, how would you react?~ :3 
I would be jumping of happyness of course!! XD

10) How about if they went out with another person?~ Hehe. 
Probably i would spent an entire evening shooting to my practice targets...

11) How much has your past effected you? 
Boy, i was born in a farm, can`t be more attached to the past and the ground1 XD

12) One thing you'd want to change about your past at this point?
I would love to learn to shoot younger, so i would be able to deffend the family farm from the thieves years before...

13) Are you happy with your life right now?
A lot! have a great work, with great partners and boss, in a nice place that also i know, and  even some guys considers that i am pretty!

14) If you could have anything right now, what would it be?
I always wanted to have a Huge Pick Up....  but oldie one 

15) Another touchy subject, ever killed someone?
Yes i did *she gets serious* but is the last resourse. I`m friendly but if a thief threats me with a firegun, i will not think much, my shotgun will talk for me

16) Ever wanted to kill someone before? Who is it? uwu
when was young, have some boys that really pissed me off joking about how tall i was....

17) What's your worst nightmare? 
Being unnable to prottect my family from the crime... would be the worse possible thing

18) Best dream? 
A wonderfull wedding! x3

19) What is there no time for in your opinion?
so many things...

20) Name one thing that makes you who you are.
Justice. And hard work

21) What would you consider yourself as? (Loner, Life of the Party, etc.)
Just a silly mare that wants to prevent the crime. I will fight until the end for that!

22) Oh, I forgot to ask, are you a boy or a girl? xD
err... BOOOOBBIIESSSS. what do you think?

23) I mean, I could tell. I just wanted to know, OK?
*facepalm* yeah, i imagine

24) Give me something you regret.
Maybe i spent too much time in the city when was a rookie cop... 

25) Got a cute nickname?
*ultra super blushed* No!!!!

26) What is something that makes you go soft?
Well... can sound so silly...but... i like flowers...

27) How much do you like this questionnaire? (Probably not much) 
Was a nice and kind one, not KGB style one, so i think a lot x3

28) Tell me how much you like your creator.
I barely see it! he is always busy fighting with that small modelkits. Crazy guy, are super complex to build...

29) Almost done~ What would be different if you were the opposite of your gender? uwu
*big grin* can`t say here! *laughs*

30) OK, last one! Time to tag some people to suffer these questions like you did hun~!
Everybody that wants, this is free! x3



G4 characters birthday day:

13th Giselle Moreyra - Signo Zodiacal Capricornio

19th Diana Anderson and Tonka Roosfelot - Acuario
23th  Breihzlander Mongrel - Piscis

4th Aura -  Piscis
7th Makena  - Piscis
26th Lars Windmill - Aries 
27th Daniela -  Aries

11th Intisar Janaat - Aries
12th Kurfust Amadeus Klendathu - Aries
27th Warren Dorga - Tauro

2th Valeria Valentina Fox - Tauro
10th Grisha Stark -  Tauro

7th Dora Klendathu - Geminis

4th Marcos Martin Fox - Cancer
24th Sudabe can´t remember her last name XD -  Leo

4th Karla - Leo
17th Malvina - Leo

1st Cody Eleas - Leo 

7th Sophie Mondieu - Libra

4th Amiaz - Escorpio
7th Laura Gomez-Rosso - Escorpio

7th Tina Conejit - Sagitario




:iconflutteryay4plz::iconflutteryay5plz::iconflutteryay6plz: :boogie: Tails RULES Animation 

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thanks very much to for the map link!
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Christian Gabriel Perezlindo
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Favourite genre of music: clasico, rock, heavy, movie sountracks, lo que sea menos cumbia villera por dios!
Favourite photographer: many of my friends
Favourite style of art: traditional art
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Skin of choice: Dingo!
Favourite cartoon character: Girls!
Personal Quote: hola! ^^



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